One Is Not Amused

The majority of people are of the opinion that the optimal time to go and see stand up comedy in Scotland's capital is during the Fringe each August. I'm one of those who doesn't agree with this logic. Enjoy the Festival whenever you've got the opportunity, but see beyond it… more

Discovering New Talent

One principal argument that people give for going to the Fringe is that we are able to see the best known comics, and have the opportunity to witness the next big things in stand-up at an early stage. My personal experience begs to differ. The most famous stand-ups' shows frequently… more

Promoting Good Comedy

Sometimes you're able to grab cheap comedy tickets in the Edinburgh Fringe because there are tons of two-for-the-price-of-one deals on. What this genuinely involves is that when you use a 2-for-1 promotion, it means you pay the same price to see a performance as it would at any other time… more

All in the Timing

The majority of people think that the perfect opportunity to catch stand up comedy in Edinburgh is during the Fringe every year. I'm in the minority who disagree with this statement. Make the most of the fringe if you get the chance, but remember it's not the whole story. Often… more

Problems with the Fringe

One principal reason which folk offer for going to the Fringe is that you are able to see the big-name stand-ups, and can witness the up and coming acts in comedy at an early stage. My personal experience is somewhat different. The most renowned comedians' gigs inevitably sell out before… more